Interview: Stephen Parker from Willmott Dixon

Wed 16th January 2019, 9:43 am

Sitematch London catches up with Stephen Parker, national lead for culture, leisure and sport at Willmott Dixon, about the upcoming event.

Can you say something about your role and responsibilities at Willmott Dixon?

I am the national leisure,cultural and hotel sector lead. Having worked in the leisure sector for many years, I offer a wealth of experience and expertise along with a passion when working with our customers.

Why will you be attending Sitematch?

I will be going to the event to catch up with old colleagues. I am also interested to learn how various schemes have progressed in the last year, based on the need of local authorities to create revenue streams. The goal is to better understand their requirements.

How do you see your role as an adviser?

I think the main role is understanding the needs of local authorities and bringing appropriate parties together.

Willmott Dixon has been involved in Sitematch since the very beginning in 2012. How has the event evolved over the years?

The event is more professionally run, with more real opportunities on offer. There is also more understanding from local authorities about the urgency of action, [so they] are therefore more open to discussions with potential development partners.

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