An architect at Sitematch: Mike De'Ath, HTA Design

Wed 1st February 2017, 1:56 pm

Mike De'Ath, senior partner at HTA Design, tells us what an architectural practice can bring to Sitematch

What is HTA Design?

We are an interdisciplinary design company working in the housing and regeneration sectors. 

The team has been around for over 40 years but actually HTA Design is only four years old. It brings the best of the old company but with greater focus on the delivery of good design and the delivery of housing: it is about delivering as much as design.

I’m a senior partner. My responsibility is for the promotion of relationships, which bring to good practice and ideas to deliver good housing and regeneration projects.

Why has your organisation decided, not to just take part in Sitematch, but support it as a partner?

Now it’s the time that we need to deliver housing. Long term investment and long term stewardship is essential for that, and the coming together of like-minded local authorities and private sector organisations will unlock the delivery of the housing the country needs.

We believe that relationships are key and we are very supportive of the event’s approach to building relationships within the private and public sector.

We’ve attended Sitematch over the past years and always thought it is innovative and creates a unique platform for the public sector to engage with the private sector in regards to the fundamental requirements of both.

It also creates income streams for the public sector in difficult operating environment.

What will your role at the event be?

We’ll be looking to showcase some thoughts on offsite manufacture, density intensification on public land and joint venture activity and hopefully help bring together good practice.

We’ll have partners attending, we’ll present our architecture, planning and urban design.

And we’ll be hosting one of the workshops.

What will the workshop you’ll be hosting focus on?

Called “Density intensification, the suburbs and offsite manufacture ­– A major opportunity for housing delivery”, it will discuss recent projects increasing density in outer London locations.

We will focus on current work with local authorities and in joint public - private arrangements, and on delivery using offsite manufacture and modular build.

With homebuyers and renters being continuously pushed out from the dense central boroughs, London’s suburbs become ever more important.

Local authorities are key in enabling and creating housing and also income through new homes bonus, additional community charge and proceeds from sale or long term rental streams. Meanwhile private sector developers and housing associations are engaging in joint ventures and partnership approaches.

HTA Design is currently working in Enfield, Ealing, Islington, Barnet, Croydon on a range of projects that demonstrate the potential of infill sites, larger land opportunities and regeneration projects.

We will also be presenting thoughts from our recent projects on the potential of modular and panelised approaches to housing delivery.

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