Interview: Lee Parker and Amena Matin from Croydon

Mon 19th December 2016, 11:04 am

Sitematch speaks to Lee Parker, director of growth and Amena Matin, head of development, both from Croydon Council

Could you say something about your role and responsibilities at the council?

LP: I am the director of growth at Croydon Council, responsible for delivering a half billion pound programme of infrastructure projects. These range from transport and access, public realm, energy, digital and social infrastructure schemes which to maximise the impact and potential of the developments and to enable significant growth in the numbers of people working, living and visiting Croydon.

AM: I am head of development and responsible for managing the delivery of the Brick by Brick's housing development programme which will provide 2,000 new homes alongside other improvements for Croydon residents over the next few years.

What are the key development opportunities in Croydon currently?

LP: A key priority for 2017 is the regeneration of Central Croydon with Fairfield Halls at the heart of the new cultural quarter and residential community.

Why should a developer invest in Croydon?

LP: Developers should invest in Croydon as it provides London’s most dynamic investment opportunity and the borough has a significant programme of works planned which will support and enhance the economic and infrastructural context for development. These include improvements to the way people travel to and around Croydon, safer and more attractive streets, a much improved cultural offer, quality education and enhanced services as part of the growth zone programme.

AM: Support is also available for managing the construction and logistics impact, sourcing and training people with the necessary skills to aid development activity and marketing the wider place to help developments thrive.

At the Sitematch event, what are you looking to discuss with developers?

AM: On the housing front, given the scale of residential development planned for Croydon, Brick by Brick are looking for SME contractors and offsite manufacturers in the short to medium term, who want to work in collaboration to deliver efficient and beautifully designed homes.

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