Interview: Chris Twigg from Inner Circle Consulting

Wed 23rd November 2016, 11:57 am

Sitematch caught up with Chris Twigg, director at Inner Circle Consulting, about his company and its role as Sitematch adviser.

Can you say something about Inner Circle and your role in the company?

I co-founded Inner Circle Consulting five years ago with Jamie Ounan. Inner Circle Consulting is a project and management consultancy specialising in programme management, leadership and delivery in the public and private sectors.

We pride and differentiate ourselves on the quality of our staff: their ability to understand customer problems, to intelligently challenge, and to act positively, flexibly, creatively and with integrity in realising beneficial solutions. We all have an intolerance for inertia and a desire to help our clients progress rapidly toward their goals.

Why have you decided to be a Sitematch adviser? How does the event help you and your company?

This will be our second year as an adviser and we had attended a number of previous events as an observer.

The coming together of the public and private sectors to exchange views and ideas, and potentially forge new partnership around regeneration opportunities fits perfectly with Inner Circle's values: collaborative, progressive (our others are excellence and tenacious). It helps us cement the strength of existing relationships and create new collaborations. It also helps us build relationship with some of the most progressive thinkers in the market place. It’s a pleasure to be part of.  

At the previous Sitematch you advised Waltham Forest, who were very pleased with your involvement. Can you say something about how you advise councils and how you bring value to the meetings?

We know how councils operate and the multitude of factors that council officers need to consider and the paths they need to navigate to secure decisions and ultimately deliver results. We also know what developers are seeking from a relationship. We therefore coach councils to get the most out of their day by helping interpret what developers and investors are saying and respond in a way that developers can understand. So there is a bit of demystifying as well as coaching.

What would your advice be for local authorities that are considering attending Sitematch?

Prepare well. Understand clearly what you want from the day and what you are prepared to offer the developers and landowners that you meet. Understand which evolutionary stage you have reached. Are you in the promotional stage? I.e. you have some sites that you are marketing and you want to raise the profile of your area to encourage developers to enquire further. Or are you in or moving into the transactional stage? Moving to the transactional phase requires the organisation to be clear on:

- What its medium and long objectives are and how the regeneration programme can contribute to them.
- What is its capacity for risk?
- What is its financial capacity including borrowing?
- The appropriate governance structures to take decisions and manage and monitor delivery and the resources that it will deploy and that are necessary to deliver the programme.
- What delivery models (land sale, direct delivery, JV) the council could use to deliver the programme.

It’s both a selling and buying process as the very best developer will select where they will develop and portraying the council as a good client will greatly influence their decision. 

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