Osborne's planning proposal could force councils to build homes

Fri 10th July 2015, 11:02 am

Chancellor George Osborne is proposing an overhaul of the UK's planning system, which could see local authorities forced to allow the development of new homes.

A 90-page blueprint report detailing the plans is set to be unveiled, called “Fixing the foundations: creating a more prosperous nation”, the BBC reports

As part of the new measures, a new “zonal” system will be created, which will give automatic planning permission to developers who want to build in a designated area of brownfield land. Any major infrastructure project which has “elements of housing development” will be fast-tracked, potentially forcing thousands of homes on areas where local authorities do not want them.

The plans will also include harsher measures for local authorities which fail to get homes built. A new law will allow the government to impose a "housing plan" on a local authority if it fails to come up with one, as well as imposing penalties on those that fail to process planning applications quickly.

Another proposal is to scrap the need for planning permission in London for developers who wish to extend buildings to the height of neighbouring properties.

The blueprint will be published later today (10 July).

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