Huge housebuilding programme for Waltham Forest

Fri 17th April 2015, 9:57 am

The London Borough of Waltham Forest has announced plans to build at least 2,000 homes per year, which would mean delivering 12,000 by 2020.

Plans are outlined in a document published by the council called “Building for the Future – delivering housing for everyone in Waltham Forest”.

Of the 12,000 proposed homes, 2,000 will be developed on council-owned land. In order to reach these numbers, the local authority has indicated that it is considering setting up a private housing company – plans set out in a cabinet report from 9 December 2014.

To further accelerate housebuilding, the council is also considering relaxing planning policies using Compulsory Purchase powers at key locations.

Of council-led schemes, 50% of homes will be developed as affordable. Other residential projects will be required to incorporate a minimum of 35% affordable homes.

Read the document.

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