Interview: Kevin Munnelly from Bromley

Fri 31st October 2014, 12:52 pm

The Sitematch London team has caught up with Kevin Munnelly, Bromley's head of renewal, to discuss what Sitematch has meant for his borough.

Kevin Munnelly (right) after a successful meeting at a previous Sitematch London event

What are your objectives for attending Sitematch events?

I have attended quite a few Sitematch events in the past few years, and there are a number of reasons why I like them. Firstly, Sitematch events offer a good opportunity to inform potential developers about Bromley and what we have to offer. The events are attended by developers and occupiers of all sizes, which allows us to get our message across to a truly diverse audience. Secondly, especially because the attending private sector delegates are so varied, I can gain invaluable market intelligence, as well as real insights on what different sectors are looking for in terms of development and regeneration opportunities.

What has the impact been of Sitematch on Bromley’s regeneration programme?

Even though Sitematch has not led to any tangible outcomes for us so far, we have found participating to be hugely beneficial. Speaking to a wide range of developers, investors and occupiers at the previous Sitematch events has helped us shape our regeneration strategy.

What makes Bromley an attractive Borough to work with?

Bromley is the largest of the 31 London boroughs, and offers excellent train connections to centrally located stations: 17 minutes from Orpington to London Bridge and 16 minutes from Bromley South to Victoria. As the capital’s biggest borough, it covers a varied landscape: from densely populated suburbs to rural areas. The regeneration of Bromley town centre will transform the area and make it even more attractive to developers and occupiers.

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