HCA opens bidding for £800m of grant funding

Thu 30th October 2014, 9:21 am

Housing associations can now enter bids to be eligible for a share of £800 million of grant funding from the Homes and Communities Agency under the 2015-2018 affordable homes programme.

Earlier this year, the HCA allocated £886 million to housing associations, out of a total availabe pot of £1.7 billion.

Housing providers are invited to bid for schemes that can be delivered, as opposed to indicative proposals. 

This process is called "contentious market engagement" and ensures fuding is availabe for schemes in various stages of completeness.

Andy Rose, chief executive of the HCA, said: "Opening for bidding for the remaining funding under CME will give new and existing partners the opportunity to bring forward bids to meet their future development aspirations." 

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