Croydon Council reveals housing ambitions

Fri 3rd October 2014, 9:37 am

The London Borough of Croydon has announced it may issue compulsory purchase orders to release land, in order to build up to 9,500 homes during the next five years.

The council is planning on setting up a housing company to build new homes – adopting the same approach as Ealing Council’s Broadway Living.

The council has identified 18 sites for residential development, and has asked landowners not to obstruct plans to build new homes.

Councillor Alison Butler, cabinet member for homes and regeneration, said: "Given the housing crisis in Croydon and the number of families needing a home to rent or buy, we have to explore every opportunity to boost supply. 

"As a council we are committed to increasing housing supply across the borough and given the borrowing cap, limiting the amount we can borrow to build new homes, we are keen to pursue other avenues such as the creation of a wholly-owned housing company.

"It would liberate the council from the government-imposed HRA borrowing cap and mean that we could work with partners or on our own to accelerate the building of homes for local residents.”

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