Boris urged to unlock more public land

Fri 8th August 2014, 10:12 am

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been called upon by the London Assembly Housing Committee to sell more public land to new and small developers to meet the capital's housing need.

Committee chair Darren Johnson argues in the letter that "all the stops must be pulled out" to build more homes in London and also to ensure "smaller developers have more incentives to build quickly", as they do not have large landbanks. 

Johnson also wrote that smaller developers are better equipped to meet the genuine need of Londoners, but recognises that the high land prices make it difficult for these developers to purchase surplus public land. 

He suggests three measures to help address these issues:

- Parcelling public land into smaller sites prior to disposal, with some sites reserved for small builders.
- Openness about the framework the Greater London Authority is considering to help small builders.
- Greater transparency to see who is buying land in London through the London Development Panel (LDP) - where and for how much?

Read the full letter.

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