Behind the scenes at Sitematch London

Mon 31st March 2014, 1:11 pm

With the Sitematch London event imminent, Sophie Gosling, development and sales support manager at 3Fox International – the company behind the event – spoke about the rewarding efforts of organising delegates and gave a glimpse into how a successful Sitematch is developed and managed.

She said: "With just two days until our biggest event yet, it is all hands to the pump here at 3Fox International. The very nature of Sitematch London – to put together 340 meetings in the course of a six hour day means we have to be exceptionally organised and keep an iron clad grip on the logistics.

"With the surge of interest that always occurs in the run up to the event, the team here have to put together the schedules like a jigsaw. Getting both the private and public sector there, coupled with the coordination of organising delegates, councils and public sector teams to be in the right place at the right time, is a huge task that is a culmination of months of hard work. Finding venues, scheduling dates to fit in around the property calendar, marketing the event and keeping the website information updated is a team effort.

"Looking back on three successful Sitematch Londons, we know from experience that when the day finally arrives and the bell rings to signal meetings getting under way, the buzz of activity will make those months of hard work really worth it."

To attend, contact sophie@3foxinternational.com.

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