Delegates praise "vitally important" Sitematch

Fri 28th March 2014, 4:12 pm

As the last private sector delegates sign up for Wednesday's Sitematch London event at The Shard, some of them spoke to the team about why they felt the event was important.

Sitematch London 2013

The event – which serves to introduce private sector delegates to key members of London’s councils and other public sector bodies, to hear about opportunities for development – has a broader range of potential investors attending than ever before.

One example is Create Streets, a social enterprise that is encouraging the creation of terraced streets of flats and houses, as opposed to high-rise and multi-storey housing 

Research carried out by the company led to its recommendation that estate regeneration into streets could help solve the London housing crisis and that a “revolving fund should be established for estate regeneration with popular support and a proper focus on the long term”.

Nicholas Boys-Smith, said: “We are now working with a charity seeking to develop affordable housing without public subsidy and a world-renowned designer.

“We are absolutely delighted to be coming to Sitematch which we think will be a vitally important opportunity for us to meet public sector landowners seeking to create great streets for vibrant communities and family homes.”

Adventure Experience – a small company set up in 2010, developing leisure and sport schemes such as adventure golf – is also attending.

Managing director, Scott Sinclair, said: “We are currently operating two sites and have a third under construction. We have a fully funded growth plan to open a further three sites in 2015 and four sites in 2016 with the potential for many more beyond.

“The biggest barrier to growth is site finding; the amount of time and resource required to locate suitable sites is considerable thus I view the Sitematch event as a fantastic opportunity to have guaranteed, direct dialog with decision makers; which otherwise may not be accessible.”

To attend Sitematch London, contact sophie@3foxinternational.com.


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