Islington told to drop office to resi restrictions

Thu 13th February 2014, 4:09 pm

Planning minister Nick Boles will write the London Borough of Islington asking it to drop restrictions on permitted developments allowing the conversion of office space to residential.

Planning minister Nick Boles

In certain circumstances, local authorities are allowed to restrict permitted conversions using so-called Article 4 directions.

So far, eight local authorities have used the directions, and according to Boles, two have used them disproportionally - Islington and Broxbourne Borough Council.

These authorities will be requested to consider reducing the extent of restrictions to make them more targeted.

Boles said: "A small minority of town halls are trying to undermine these reforms, not least, since they are unable to hit such builders with state levies or since they may have an irrational objection to more private housing.

"Moreover, those who seek to oppose these changes need to spell out exactly where they think new homes should go instead, given the pressing demand for housing and the need to protect England’s beautiful countryside."

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