Councils call for simplified CPO system

Thu 13th February 2014, 4:07 pm

The Local Government Association, which represents 373 councils, has called for the compulsory purchase order system to be reformed, calling it overly complex and expensive.

Ealing council filed a CPO on the former Empire Cinema site

According to the LGA, the system should be simplified by removing the requirement to seek permission from the government.

The association points to government statistics indicating there are over 700.000 empty properties in the UK, with fewer than 100 CPOs filed each year.

Mike Jones, chairman of the LGA's environment and housing board, said: "Empty homes could be brought back into use if the government overhauled the antiquated and utterly inefficient compulsory purchase system.

"During one of the worst housing crises this country has faced, with demand at sky-high levels, councils are being hamstrung.

"It is high time they were given proper compulsory purchase powers, enabling them to ‘revive’ properties that are simply gathering dust."

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