RTPI: councils underestimate housing need

Thu 30th January 2014, 4:38 pm

Local authorities may underestimate housing need by up to 30 per cent, due to over-reliance on government household projection data, says a new report.

The report examining examine household projection data, commissioned by the Royal Town Planning Institute commissioned from the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Housing and Planning Research,  concluded that in some cases the figures are a poor reflection of actual local need.

Local authorities use the projections anyway for their housing strategies.

Cath Ranson, president of the RTPI, said: "The research emphasises the need for local councils to treat government household projections as a starting point, not an end point when calculating how much housing they need to plan for in their area.

"A rigid adherence to household projection figures may lead to too few houses being built in some areas and an oversupply in others."

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