Memorable meetings at Enfield Council

Thu 7th November 2013, 11:43 am

Councillor Del Goddard, Enfield Council's cabinet member for business and regeneration, talks to Sitematch UK about memorable meetings that resulted in changes in the borough.

Del Goddard, cabinet member for business and regeneration at Enfield Council

The most memorable meetings at Enfield Council have been ones that have made a step-change in the formation of partnerships and agreements which have led to major improvements in regeneration.

One notable meeting was when the council met with three MPs and senior staff from the Department for Work and Pensions and Jobcentre Plus to agree more effective local measures to tackle persistent levels of unemployment.

As a result one of the first service level agreements in the country has been signed between the key partners, with an agreed action plan. 

The second meeting I recall has a similar theme. This was when we confirmed the establishment of a construction sector across the wide range of companies, housing associations and developers to work together to improve relationships, and also to increase the local employment levels and improve supply chains.

The resulting signed charter is a first in Enfield and had as its first outcome a jobs fair. It is now looking at training arrangements and further cooperation.

Other meetings were those associated with reaching agreement with the key stakeholders (Local Business Enterprise, Transport for London, Greater London Authority and Network Rail) to fund the STAR rail scheme from Angel to Stratford. 

Meetings when the decision makers are in the room and in agreement do make a difference which is why they are memorable. They are the milestones of our regeneration strategy.

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