Meet the advisers: Greg Callaghan from Peter Brett Associates

Wed 6th November 2013, 4:45 pm

Greg Callaghan, partner at Peter Brett Associates (PBA), gives his views on Sitematch and his firmís role as a Sitematch adviser.

Greg Callaghan from Peter Brett Associates

Can you tell something about your role and responsibilities at PBA?

I am partner at PBA based in London, with a national remit, often client-led and consisting of a broad portfolio of both public and private sector clients involved in regeneration. Many of my major projects involve the release of underutilised land for more beneficial uses, resulting in a need for the wide skills available from multi-disciplinary teams at PBA. Our success is perhaps most evident from the repeat business we have achieved from planning and regeneration clients. Many of the sites “on offer” call to mind opportunities we have identified on comparable sites, and the challenges we have successfully resolved.  

Can you tell something about PBA and its work?

PBA’s roots were structural engineering, but land development, regeneration and infrastructure has underpinned PBA’s multi-disciplinary business for more than 40 years. Our technical expertise has shaped many of the UK’s most significant development projects, including commercial, residential,  retail, education, defence, health and leisure. This makes us ideal advisers for the Sitematch concept.

Our national spread of 17 regional offices gives us local knowledge, established relationships matched to technical expertise. All of our partners and directors are actively involved in projects, ensuring clients gain the maximum benefit from extensive experience across a range of sectors.

Our teams of planners, engineers and environmentalists are involved from concept and pre-planning through detailed design and construction management. They have resolved technical challenges that have added value, raised land values, created wealth for our clients and built new communities.

What is your objective for attending the next Sitematch event?

Sitematch is a perfect conduit for bringing our technical and location specific knowledge to the attention of both the public authorities promoting their sites and the delegates attending. From previous experience, we have worked with authorities prior to the event to rationalise their approach, develop presentation material and give unbiased “on the spot” advice on the day.

Based on the vast portfolio of projects we have delivered in recent years, we can effectively identify potential issues, risks and rewards for buyers and sellers.

In your opinion, what can private and public sector delegates get out of Sitematch events?

Sitematch is the only facility for both potential buyers and sellers to come together for mutual benefit in a non-competitive environment. Open conversation and early technical involvement from PBA as Sitematch adviser allows the “what-ifs and maybes” to be explored at the earliest opportunity in the project’s life cycle. We have found Sitematch has resulted in developers and investors getting an early warning of future opportunities thus enabling them to prioritise and select those that have the greatest relevance to their business.

How do you see your role as an adviser at the event?

Where possible, we will be in touch with the site promoters to both understand their overarching objectives, timeframe and disposal regimes, but also prepare a brief resume for key sites where we have either local or discipline specific knowledge. We are currently identifying clients who we believe might be interested in the sites being promoted, offering “at the shoulder” advice where appropriate. Additionally, as we believe teamwork is the single most critical success factor in projects, we will be working with the other Sitematch advisers to maximise the benefits we can bring to the event on 22 November.

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