Meet the advisers: Bob Ogilvie from Capita

Wed 6th November 2013, 11:42 am

The Sitematch team meets Bob Ogilvie, director of project management at Capita to discuss Sitematch UK and his role at the event.

Bob Ogilvie from Capita

Advisers have an important role within Sitematch: to help prepare the public sector for the event act as intermediaries during discussions on the day between the private and public sector.

Can you tell something about your role and responsibilities at Capita?

I am the director of project management for Capita Property & Infrastructure, London.  I am responsible for running a team of 40 specialist project managers engaged on projects for public and private sector clients in London and the south east of England.

Can you tell something about Capita and the work you do?

Capita Property & Infrastructure is a multi-disciplinary consulting practice with around 4,000 staff based predominantly in the UK. We provide a unique blend of services and expertise, working with our clients to transform and modernise their businesses, combining our experience in the built environment, infrastructure and real estate with ICT, business process re-engineering and outsourcing solutions to reduce costs and enhance services.

Members of my team work either alone with professionals from other consultancy practices or as part of a multi-disciplinary team with other business units within Capita. We manage projects in the commercial, private sector for clients such as Axa, Great Portland Estates, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Macmillan and Exxon; in the education sector for primary schools, secondary schools and universities; in the healthcare sector for the London Clinic, Oxford University Hospital and BUPA; for local authorities such as Haringey, Richmond, Merton and Barnet in London.

What is your objective for attending the next Sitematch event?

To understand the needs and objectives of the public sector with respect to their estate and property portfolios, so that Capita can offer creative and effective solutions.  Similarly, to understand what the private sector developers are looking for and where any mismatch or misunderstanding between the two parties might lie.

In your opinion, what can private and public sector delegates get out of Sitematch events?

The private sector has a wonderful opportunity to talk to six major public bodies and get first-hand intelligence of the real estate that is available to them to develop. Through specific questioning and probing in a semi-private environment they can very quickly evaluate sites and discover those that do and don’t meet their own investment criteria. The public sector has the opportunity to put their “goods for sale” in a shop window that is exposed directly to 24 major developers.

How do you see your role as an advisor at the event?

I see our role as more of a translator or go-between where our experience of working with both the public and private sector gives us an insight into each world.  Given the “speed dating” nature of the event, time is short and so as advisors we act as a catalyst to speed up any interaction between the two parties.

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