Getting to know: Richard Fagg from Bouygues Developments

Mon 21st October 2013, 5:30 pm

Richard Fagg, director at Bouygues Developments, tells Sitematch about his most memorable sporting moment and his favourite music, amongst other things.

1) If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go and why?

I would love to travel to Alaska. I imagine it to be a very different kind of holiday from the family beach or skiing trips to date but for its simple raw beauty and uniqueness.

2)  What is your most memorable sporting moment? Where were you when this happened? Why was it so memorable?

This would have to be my son’s first swimming club gala appearance. As a parent you so intensely share the anxiety of your children at specific points in their lives. Our shared tension at the gala was immense and as he readied himself I watched him fall from the blocks as they settled before the start of the race and was worried that applying the rules he could be disqualified. I remember screaming from the gallery at the officials to allow him compete. A few other parents joined in, all feeling for the poor child and it was a little raucous for a while. The officials later made a formal request over the tannoy for parents to respect ASA rules. The result was immaterial as you just want so desperately for them to able to do their best and that starts with taking part.

3) Which book or film has had the biggest influence on your life and why?

Single White Female – at a particularly tense part of the film on a first date, I jumped out of my skin and may have even perhaps emitted a little ‘yelp’. This gave me the excuse to hold the hand of my date. I am pleased to say that we’ve now been married 18 years.

4) Which famous person would you most like to go out for meal with and why?

I would be inspired by someone who through sheer, single minded determination has overcome social, physical or mental adversity. People such as Aron Ralston (of 127 Hours fame) or Ellen MacArthur would fit this bill. Or simply someone of fascinating company such as David Attenborough.

5) What are your three favourite songs and why?

Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No
Just an uplifting and happy song.

The Pogues – Pogue Mahone
Always the last song played a lifetime ago at our student Saturday night events. A real crowd pleaser and brings back fantastic memories of younger days.

The Beautiful South – Perfect 10
Reminds me of my first concert.

6) Briefly explain your idea of the perfect social occasion. Are you more excited by a quiet night in the pub, or going out to see a band, for example?

It would have to be a house party at home, surrounded by friends, family and our boys and their friends partying into the early hours.

7) Briefly describe your biggest passion outside of your working world?

Other than of course the family, it would be sport. Watching and participating in tennis, rugby or cycling are particularly enjoyable but when I can combine family and sport together such as skiing with family and friends, it becomes an ideal time. Being on the mountain, watching our boys ski and board now (and trying to keep up) is fantastic.

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