My most memorable meeting - Ian Porter, Camden

Mon 21st October 2013, 10:09 am

Sitematch UK is all about forming connections through meetings. This week, we talk to Ian Porter, head of community investment & regeneration at the London Borough of Camden, about the importance of sharing knowledge and information.

The regeneration of Somers Town is a key part of Camden’s community investment programme.

Earlier this year we recognised the important links between this project and our frontline staff (street wardens, youth workers, estates & parks officers etc) working in the Somers Town area.

We invited them to a briefing so we could explain to them what was happening to ensure they are in a position to answer questions they may receive whilst out and about in Somers Town.

It also allowed for us to tap into their local insight on the local area, its key challenges and what they felt would be important to the community they work with on a daily basis.

The response we had from our staff was outstanding - in terms of both their interest in the project but also their commitment to it - and has resulted in some of the officers joining our consultation team when we are discussing future ideas with the Somers Town community.

This was a great meeting – with a great outcome.

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