Sitematch profile: the Department for Transport

Fri 18th October 2013, 3:58 pm

An explanation of the various agencies that fall under the Department for Transport (DfT), with a specific focus on their estates.

The Sitematch project aims to provide a platform for public sector landowners to promote surplus land and discuss opportunities with developers. One of the government's major landowners is the DfT. The role of the DfT and its agencies is to support and maintain the UK’s traveling network, with over 18.000 staff on payroll. The work and responsibilities of the DfT is brought under 22 agencies and public bodies. These 22 bodies contain:

  • six executive agencies
  • six executive non-departmental bodies
  • two public corporations
  • an advisory non-departmental public body
  • a tribunal non-departmental public body
  • a non-ministerial department
  • five more bodies that cannot be brought under any of the other categories

Some of these bodies are more interesting for the property sector and developer than others. Two bodies in particular are worth keeping an eye on. 

London and Continental Railways Ltd (LCR)

LCR is a public corporation that should be on every developer’s radar. Upon the abolishment of BRB Residuary Ltd (BRBR) on 30 September 2013, all sites and staff moved under LCR. Created in 2001, BRBR’s main task was managing the land previously owned by the British Railways Board. This responsibility now lies with LCR. Currently a site is being actively marketed by LCR in Ashford in Kent: http://www.lcrhq.co.uk/properties-for-sale/2013/09/11/chart-road-ashford/.

Highways Agency

The Highways Agency is one of the larger landowners falling under the DfT. The agency is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving England’s strategic road network. The agency’s estate includes eight offices around the country, a National Traffic Operations Centre, 31 outstations around England and numerous smaller sites mainly along England’s roads. The Highway Agency’s administration budget has significantly reduced in the previous years, and a part of achieving savings comes through delivery of surplus land.

Other bodies worth paying attention to:

  • The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency is aiming to reduce their estate this financial year to release £1.4 million.
  • HS2 Ltd is an executive non-departmental body that is tasked with developing proposals for a new high speed national rail network. 

On 22 November developers can meet with property leads from six government departments at HM Treasury.

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