New content in Sitematch newsletters

Fri 13th September 2013, 11:53 am

The Sitematch newsletter is now bringing you exclusive interviews with property people covering both the professional and more personal aspects of their (and your) working lives.

The enhanced content reflects the main objective of the Sitematch initiative: to bring people from the public and private sectors together to encourage dialogue, relationship building and, ultimately, development.

This week features interviews with David Gubb, head of property at the Department of Health; Brendon Walsh, director of regeneration at Hounslow Council and one of the original instigators of Sitematch during his time at Ealing; and James Robson, associate director at developer CNM Estates.

The newsletter will continue to follow public sector land stories, such as the proposed sale of four prisons around Reading covered in this issue, but with additional and exclusive analysis and comment. We’ll also be encouraging public sector land owners to highlight their priority development opportunities in the “Site of the Week” feature, with expert observations.

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We welcome all readers of this newsletter to send feedback on this bulletin, and its content. Feel to send any comments to huub@3foxinternational.com.

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