Interview: David Gubb from the Department of Health

Thu 12th September 2013, 5:17 pm

The Sitematch UK team catches up with David Gubb, head of property at the Department of Health (DoH) to discuss the disposal of surplus land.

David Gubb - Department of Health

Why is the Department of Health (DoH) attending Sitematch UK?

The DoH has had an active programme of disposals for many years which is now nearing its end. However, it still has some properties to sell and having not attended a Sitematch event previously we are interested to see how they work and effective they are.

Are there any particularly noteworthy sites DoH is going to bring to market?

At the time of the Sitematch event on 22 November, the department expects to be marketing part of the Little Plumstead Hospital near Norwich where a planning application has been made for residential development for over 100 units and a site at St Helen’s for around 40 units. Other sites to be brought to the market include one for around 10 units at Dartford and 6 units at Milton Keynes.

How much money is DoH expecting to generate through disposals in the coming years?

As mentioned previously, the department has had an active programme of disposals over many years which is now nearing an end.  It anticipates achieving around £30m-£40m over the next two to three years.

How large is the estate of DoH, and what types of property does it include?

The central Department estate, including its arm’s length bodies comprises mainly offices and specialist properties, for example those occupied by Public Health England and NHS Blood & Transplant.

What is the split between NHS Property Services and the trusts themselves?

The majority of the health estate is owned by around 250 individual NHS trusts which are each directly accountable for the management and disposal of their estate.  This comprises around 11,000 separate properties and is one of the largest public sector land owners. In addition, following a recent reorganisation of the NHS, around 4,000 properties formerly owned by primary care trusts were transferred to a newly formed company, NHS Property Services Ltd, which is wholly owned by the Department of Health although it is run as a separate organisation.  

Who does a developer talk to if they want to find out about a particular piece of property?

As NHS trusts and NHS Property Services Ltd are directly responsible for their estate, developers will need to contact them direct in respect of any properties that may be of interest to them. For property placed on the Register of Surplus Public Sector Land by either NHS trusts or NHS Property Services, contact details for the individual properties are on www.gov.uk/find-government-property, otherwise NHS trusts will need to be contacted directly and NHS Property Services Ltd at asset.management@property.nhs.uk.

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