MoJ brings dozens of sites to Sitematch UK...

Fri 23rd August 2013, 10:57 am

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) will unveil a programme of surplus property disposal, including dozens of sites, at Sitematch UK on 22 November.

The MoJ will be looking to dispose of 10 courts, seven surplus prisons and about 30 pieces of land at operational prisons within the next six months alone. Eventually up to 30 courts will be available for development.

Within the next six to eight weeks the department will be able to say with certainty what is available as it aims to meet government surplus property disposal targets.

The MoJ’s estate across England and Wales is worth about £8.5 billion. It is possible that sites earmarked to build new courts might not go ahead, so there could be more sites made available in the midlands and the north east of England.

MoJ sites available for disposal will be identified on www.sitematchuk.com, where developers can book meetings with director of estates Mark Read, Richard McSeveney and the department’s new head of estate management who will be in place for the event. The meetings will take place at Sitematch UK on 22 November 2013 at Treasury, Horse Guards Road, London.

The MoJ believes that Sitematch will help make government more joined up, bringing the departments together and encouraging cross-departmental work. It hopes to undertake more projects such as the one in Haringey, London, where a magistrate's court and probation building have been assembled with an adjacent police station to provide an £8-10 million site probably destined for residential development.

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