Government makes office space available to small organisations

Thu 27th June 2013, 2:54 pm

The government will open its empty offices to be used free of charge by small organisations, including those active in the voluntary and charitable sectors.

Organisations can reserve a number of workstations  - or office areas - in a number of properties that are selected for disposal.

Currently, 125 desks are available in nine buildings throughout the UK.

Potential interested parties must pass a security clearance procedure which includes obtaining a £25 Disclosure Certificate.

In principle all small to medium organisations can register to book a workstation, unless the space is going to be used for purposes such as betting shops, nightclubs etc.

Because available buildings are in the government's disposal programme, permanent or long term bookings are not possible.

One of the buildings participating in the scheme is Skipton House near Elephant and Castle, current headquarters of the Department of Health.

More information can be found on the Space for Growth website.

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