Boris promises to push government departments on surplus land

Thu 13th June 2013, 12:45 pm

London mayor Boris Johnson has pledged to require all landowning central government agencies to publish details of their holdings in London and establish joint ventures to bring more surplus land to market.

A document titled 2020 Vision – the Greatest City on Earth, outlines challenges the capital is set to face in the coming years, and how the mayor suggests overcoming these.

Housing and land is a major item on the agenda.

Other than calling on government departments to accelerate land disposals, the agenda includes:

  • Introducing a “use it or lose it” planning permission for developers;
  • Removing the cap on local authorities’ borrowing power to enable them to build more affordable homes;
  • Introducing legislation allowing the mayor to call in or unblock stalled planning decisions.

Johnson said: “We must recognise the test of our mettle that lies ahead, not least a million more people in the next decade and a vast shortage of homes in an uncompromising global economy.

"This shows us why the government must invest in London’s future for the good of the whole of the UK and exactly why we must continue to attract international investment.”

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