Kingston publishes preliminary CIL charging schedule

Tue 9th April 2013, 12:08 pm

The London borough of Kingston has published its preliminary draft charging schedule for a community infrastructure levy.

The cocument suggests four different charging zones for residential development, with levies ranging between £50 and £210 per sq metre.

Large retail developments such as supermarkets and superstores would be charged at £250 per sq metre.

All other retail developments would only be charged £250 per sq metre if located within Kingston Town Centre. In all other areas, small retail developments would be charged at 20 per sq metre.

According to the proposed schedule, all other development types would be charged at £20 per sq metre throughout the borough, except public services and community facilities, which would be free of charge.

The consultation period for the proposed schedule will end on 14 May 2013.

For further details and a provisional timetable for adoption, visit Kingston’s profile page on the Sitematch London website. 

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