Bexley publishes community infrastructure levy charging schedule

Fri 18th January 2013, 2:10 pm

The London Borough of Bexley has published its preliminary draft charging schedule for a community infrastructure levy.

The borough has been divided into two charging zones (north and south), separated by the Bexleyheath railway line.

Charges are proposed to be the same in both zones, except for residential development, hotels and student housing, which would be slightly more expensive in the southern zone at £60 per sq metre. In the northern zone these are charged at £40 per sq metre.

In the whole borough, retail development over 280 sq metres of floor space is proposed to be be charged at £100 per sq metre.

Public, health and educational uses would be free from charges. For all other uses, a flat rate of £10 per sq metre has been proposed.

For more information and a timetable for final adoption, visit Bexley’s profile on the Sitematch London website.

Representatives of the council will attend the next Sitematch event on 5 March 2013, so join Sitematch now and book your meeting with Bexley and a range of 31 other London councils or public sector landowners.

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