Third Sitematch London event confirmed

Fri 7th December 2012, 3:16 pm

Sitematch London brings public sector landowners, developers and occupiers together again to discuss development for the third time in a year at City Hall on 5 March.

On 1 March 2012, 486 meetings were brokered between 50 council officers and members and 166 developers and advisors, with three property deals resulting so far. On 6 November, 399 more meetings were arranged between 90 developers and occupiers and 24 councils, the GLA, five NHS Trusts and the new NHS Property Services company.

One hundred per cent of delegates said they made new and useful contacts, 78 per cent gained information they would not have without the event and 79 per cent discovered new sites (in the case of developers) or developers (in the case of trusts and councils) of interest. Ninety-one per cent said they would attend another Sitematch event.

They will have their chance next March when, with the support of the Mayor of London, Sitematch will host more public sector landowners hoping to discuss the possibilities for their estates, as well as council planning, housing and regeneration teams seeking meetings about their own assets, about other schemes and joint ventures, and about planning and development issues.

Between now and then the Sitematch website is being constantly updated so that borough profiles provide developers and investors with plenty of information about demographics and economies, transport and access, property markets, culture and leisure.

And details of developable sites owned by the public sector are being updated with information about adjacent sites and ownership, to enable discussions that can unlock difficult sites.

All this data will be available to Sitematch delegates. Book early to make sure you get the meetings you want: visit the website here.

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