Richmond's CIL preliminary draft charging schedule agreed

Tue 4th December 2012, 9:43 am

Richmond's Cabinet has approved for publication its preliminary draft charging schedule for the community infrastructure levy.

The highest charge is proposed for residential development - either £275 per sq metre for northern parts or the borough and £210 for southern parts.

Some commercial development faces the charge in Richmond’s town centre, but would be free of charge in other areas: comparison retail (retail of non-essential items such as clothing and recreational goods) development is set at £150 per sq metre in the town centre, and offices at £25.

On the other hand, other commercial development is charged at a flat rate throughout the borough: hotels at £50 per sq metre and convenience retail (retail of essential everyday items such as food and drink, including supermarkets) at £150.

Public service and community facilities development would be free of charge in all areas. All other uses would be charged at a flat rate of £25 per sq metre.

The full charging schedule plus a timetable for final adoption can be viewed on Richmond’s borough profile on the Sitematch London website, and is only accessible to members.

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