Tower Hamlets publishes CIL preliminary draft schedule

Tue 20th November 2012, 11:38 am

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has unveiled the preliminary draft charging schedule for its Community Infrastructure Levy.

The document contains separate charges for the City fringe and Canary Wharf areas, with the levy for offices in these two areas set at £125 per sq metre, and the levy for small retail at £100 per sq metre. These categories of development are exempt of a levy in the rest of the borough.

There is also a proposed charge of £425 per sq metre for student housing and hotels anywhere in the borough.

Regular residential developments will be charged at either £200, £65 or £35 per sq metre, depending on the location in the borough.

Comments regarding the schedule can be submitted until 2 January 2013, when consultation closes. 

The finalized version of the schedule is expected to be adopted in October 2013.

The full proposed schedule can be viewed on Tower Hamlets profile page on the Sitematch London website. The information is only accesible to Sitematch London members. 

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