Delegates learn about advantages of NHS property tool

Wed 7th November 2012, 3:44 pm

At the Sitematch London event on 6 November, two delegates representing NHS Shape attended to answer questions and offer explanations.

One of the delegates, Bob Smith, NHS Shape programme consultant, said: “Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation (Shape) is a web enabled, evidence based application which informs and supports the strategic planning of services and physical assets across whole wealth economy”.

“It can help NHS organisations and local authorities to assess the needs of local population, review the location and distribution of services, and help to develop plans for retention and development of existing or new sites or alternatively, plan the rationalisation and disposal of assets to improve efficiency in the current climate.”

Smith went on to explain why the tool is useful for NHS organisations, local authorities and their development partners.

He said: “Shape provides information to help ensure services are delivered in the right place relative to the needs of local communities, and can also identify poorly located, inadequate facilities that are no longer fit for purpose.

"This aspect of the tool will help public sector bodies identify opportunities for discussions with other public sector organisations and potential developers.” 

Just after the lunch break at the event Phil Smith, strategic estates advisor at NHS London and Tony Griffiths, regional director London at NHS property services did presentations explaining changes within the NHS and the newly formed NHS property services.

Smith and Griffiths explained that an estimated 75% of all properties (around 400 in number) owned by various NHS trusts in London would be transfered to NHS property services.

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